Scientific Team

Dennis Schade, Ph.D., Scientist.

Dr. Dennis Schade is a bioorganic/medicinal chemist with extensive experience in preparation and evaluation of pharmacologically active compounds. During his Ph.D. studies, he developed novel small molecules for the treatment of diseases that are associated with deregulated nitric oxide concentrations. In his postdoctoral stay in Germany, Dr. Schade built up a strong background in lead optimization (ADMET) as he was working on several new prodrug strategies for important pharmacophoric moieties within an externally funded, industry-directed project. The pharmacologic applications in these projects covered a broad range, from thrombin inhibitors, anti-protozoal drugs to neuraminidase inhibitors (flu therapeutics), further underlining his broad background in medicinal chemistry-related pre-clinical research. Moreover, Dr. Schade successfully expanded his experience in drug development within a DFG funded postdoctoral fellowship by focusing on stem cell-based technologies. He developed small-molecule cardiogenic stem cell-modulators and became acquainted with stem cell and other mammalian cell-based assays.