The Company

ChemRegen, Inc. is a privately held regenerative medicine research and development corporation located in San Diego, California. Founded in 2009, ChemRegen is one of the first regenerative medicine research and development companies that combines state of the art stem cell biology and drug development.

Its initial technology is based on work done in collaboration between Dr. Mark Mercola of the Sanford Burnham Research Institute (a recognized authority on stem cell biology), and Dr. John Cashman of the Human BioMolecular Research Institute (a recognized authority on drug development and who also serves as Chief Operating Officer of ChemRegen).

With a global, cutting edge scientific team, ChemRegen delivers reliable, regenerative medicine development expertise to the emerging area of regenerative medicine drug discovery. ChemRegen provides quality, precision research with state of the art methods, delivering design, implementation, and interpretation of pre-clinical regenerative medicine drug development with timely, cost-efficient, and reliable methods.

The team at ChemRegen has over 120 years of combined experience in the fields of stem cell biology, cell biology, regenerative medicine, drug design and synthesis, preclinical evaluation and has expertise in the evaluation and analysis of the physiological effects of regenerative medicines in animals. The Company has discovered several novel small molecule regenerative medicine candidates for the development of functionally active drugs. The goal of this approach is to stimulate endogenous stem cells to regenerate new cells to restore function after disease. With the growing demand for new regenerative medicines ChemRegen is continually expanding its capabilities and repertoire of drug development expertise. Examples of current core expertise include a variety of strengths in each of the categories of stem cell biology and drug development and preclinical animal models. Thus, the Company is experienced and capable of conducting all the proposed studies from bench to clinic.

ChemRegen provides its expertise to scientists in the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic communities to develop regenerative medicines, and intends to expand this business significantly in the next several years. The assays and small molecules developed to date have involved a unique collaboration of biology and synthetic medicinal chemistry and have resulted in many proprietary compounds. Once the molecules are thoroughly validated in in vitro cell and biochemical assays, they will be tested in animal models to expedite discovery and development phases in preparation for IND filings. The proposed work will continue to test the feasibility of regenerative medicines in drug development of regenerative agents.

Mission Statement

ChemRegen’s mission is to develop “first in class” treatments using cutting edge chemical and biological science in stem cell biology.